Types of Drills for Sale

Types of Drills for Sale


Drill machines are the most common tool and every person who either is in construction, does some handy work around the house or is involved with little repairing, owns a drill, because it is just that useful of a tool. Drill machines are used to drill holes in all sort of materials with the help of drill bits which comes in all sizes, shapes and materials.

Types of drill machines

Now, before getting yourself equipped with a drilling machine, you must know about different types of drill machines so that you can then choose the right one for your work.

  1. Portable drilling machine: it is a hand-held drilling machine and it is the type that is commonly used in most of the workshops and owned by construction workers. There are further two types of portable drill machines. One is a wired drill whereas the other one is battery operated drill.
  2. Sensitive drilling machine: sensitive drilling machine is used to drill small and precise holes, instead of hand-held type it belongs to the shelf category. Sensitive drill machines can drill precise holes with the help of hand feed. The material in which you need to drill the hole is placed on drill table and then using hand feed the drill bit is moved vertically down to drill the hole.
  3. Upright drilling machine: it is similar in design to sensitive drill machine but is designed for more heavy-duty workload and to drill in harder surfaces. Its construction is quite similar to that of sensitive drill and its drill table also moves horizontally.

How to choose the best drill?

In order to choose the best drill for yourself you must consider following few key points:

  1. Workload: if your workload requires you to drill holes in much hard and bigger surfaces then you must go with heavy-duty upright drill machines that can pierce into metals quite effortlessly, but if you have to drill holes in smooth surfaces then low powered drill is the right choice.
  2. Portability: portability is another factor to keep in mind while purchasing the drill machine. If your work requires you to drill holes in cemented and wooden walls and surfaces that cannot be removed then portability is the way to go. So that you can drill holes in tight places.
  3. Pricing: how much you are willing to spend ion a drill is also an important factor while choosing. If you are someone who is going to be doing some small repairs around the house or drill some holes for hanging paintings on the wall then buying heavy duty drills is not a wise choice because it costs way more and you are not even using it up to its full potential.

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